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Bill Kulla helps competitors get the most from their dogs in all three phases.

Take advantage of this opportunity to train with a multiple-time FCI and WUSV World team member, national events helper and, most importantly,
excellent training helper.

Training services:

• Work with handlers to get the most from their dogs at club, regional, national or world events;
• Put the finest possible foundation training on a new prospect;
• Problem solve in any phase of training;
• Prepare handlers and dogs for KKL/Show protection work; and
• Help your dog gain confidence on a new helper and new field.

Contact us for information on:
• Group Training;
• Private sessions;
• Seminars: all-three phases
• In-Kennel training: conditioning, training and handling for AD, BH, FH and SchH titles

Some of Bill's clients include:

Congratulations to…
Troy Seaton and Vada's Gigi Girl of Ozark ("Gigi") for earning their WABA BST-2!

Troy and Gigi earned their BST-1, BST-2 and schutzhund BH after only five months of training with Bill. Gigi is the seventh female in the history of the American Bulldog breed to receive the BST-2 title, which she earned with 168/180 points under WABA judge Tom Riche.

Look for this team on the schutzhund field soon!

Video: Gigi's BST-2


Vicki Littlejohn
Owner, Karl vom Kraftwerk SchH3

"I sent my dog Karl to Bill so he could title him to SchH2 and SchH3. Karl had issues with obedience excercises and was out of control on the protection field. Karl is a VERY powerful dog with extreme drive."

"Karl was with Bill for several months and is now a SchH3 and back home with me. I could not be more pleased with the results of Bill's training. In my opinion Bill is a world class trainer and training helper."

Alan Bartelson
2x World Team Member and Successful National Competitor
"Bill was instrumental in helping me take Rajko, my first schutzhund dog, from puppy to National and then WUSV competitor."

Joe Rocco
World and National Rottweiler Competitor
"Bill's helper work was a major reason my dog Flash was able to place 3rd at the World Rottweiler Championships (Italy) and 2nd at the USRC. Of the two dogs to score 99 points in protection at the 1994 USA Nationals, Bill helped train both, Flash and Randy Rhodes' Digger. Bill is the best training helper in the country. He understands and works all breeds equally well."

Steve Billimack
1998 AWDF Champion, 1999 North Central Regional Champion & National Competitor
"While I had success with Schutzhund in the past, my training techniques and understanding of all three phases has improved greatly under Bill's guidance. This is especially true in the protection work. With Bill's help, my dog recently qualified for the 2003 Nationals with a score of 99-91-100. Bill was instrumental in helping me balance the power and control needed to score 100 points on the protection field."

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