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We work with a select group of European dog trainers to ensure that each imported dog fits the needs and lifestyles of our clients. Contact us at 815.355.4749 or e-mail for more information on purchasing a fully trained and schutzhund-titled dog, young schutzhund prospect, personal protection dog, home companion or home security dog. Imported European puppies are also available on a select basis.

(updated 5/1715)

Esko vom Geistwasser (11 weeks old)
Sire: V Boy von Zorra IPO3 KKL1 a-normal hips and elbows
Dam: Moxie vom Geistwasser BH OFA Hips Good Elbows Normal

Esko is a gorgeous, solid black male puppy out of our E litter. Esko is the total package: temperament to die for and the handsome, strong look of his sire. He's a serious little guy showing strong drives for sport or work, but has the calm demeanor of a much more mature dog.

Esko is well-socizalized, up-to-date on his vaccinations and has been imprinted to the clicker for future training.


XILO VOM GEISTWASSER a-stamp normal hips/elbows

DOB 05.11.13
Sire: V Athos von den Wannaer Höhen IPO2 KKL
Dam: G Kenna vom Salztalblick IPO1 KKL2

Xilo is a super young male for sport, work or home protection. He is available to the right approved home at a reasonable price.

Video: Long bite, April 2015

Video: Long bite, April 2015

If you have an interest in Xilo, please contact us at 815.355.4749 or

Quasi vom Geistwasser BH HD/ED Prelim NORMAL

SG Arrek vom Wolfsheim SchH3 KKL1 x G Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1
DOB 10.24.2010
We sold QUASI as a puppy to a friend and fellow club member and had the opportunity to buy him back at around 20 months. Each puppy from Quasi's litter have proven themselves to be extremely driven working dogs. Quasi is balanced in the temperament; he is open and social around friendly strangers but will alert and show natural protective instincts in appropriate situations. Quasi has the intense, deep-nosed natural tracking behavior that this combination has consistently produced. In obedience, Quasi is fast and powerful, much like his parents, but easily guidable and teachable. In protection, Quasi is almost freakishly fast to the arm and is showing some real power as he matures. He is an athletic dog with a completely clear head who can cap and contain his drives.

Pedigree: Quasi vom Geistwasser BH


(SOLD-Dual Purpose K9)
THOR, Dutch Shepherd

Thor is a large, powerful Dutch Shepherd available for dual purpose K9 or as a home/personal protection dog. Thor is extremely stable from the temperament, and social among known friends and family, but has the suspicion and social aggression so desirable for higher levels of work.

Thor has extreme hunt and ball drive, making him a solid prospect for detection. He is a dog that works very well with his handler and is compliant despite his size and power.

Environmentally, Thor is 100% sound. He's an athletic dog that likes to jump on anything he can find. Thor's hips and elbows are prelimmed and are Good/Normal (x-rays available). He is up to date on all vaccinations. The dog is offered with no papers.

VIDEO: Thor, first time on bitesuit

PHOTOS: Additonal photos of Thor

For more information, please contact us at 815.355.4749 or


DETECTON K9, IL State Police

(SG Arrek vom Wolfsheim SchH3 KKL1 lbz x G Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1 lbz)
DOB 10-24-2010



(V Mike vom Weinbergblick SchH3 KKL1 x SG Imzedrifts Qie SchH3)
DOB 08-17-2010

Jackson's father, Mike vom Weinbergblick, held at stud by Dimas Meinerz, is a proven producer of working dogs for the Swedish military both from the standpoint of health and temperament. Mike's bloodlines bring Cherokee vd Wolfen (same breeding as Falk) on top, and on the bottom, go to Mink vh Wittfeld through Ernst Weinbergblick to Lewis Malatesta. Jackson's mother, Imzedrift's Qie, is a sight to behold in the work. Her father Q vh Shiho was one of the last producing Orry vh Antverpa sons, and is known for throwing his extreme drives and hardness. Qie's mother, Angsbacken's Ricci, is a full sister to WUSV-WM Angsbacken's Rosso and a Kimbo Karthago daughter like our own Kenna.

Imzedrift's Yackson: pedigree


[DOB 10.10.2012]
V Boy von Zorra SchH3 KKL1 x Kenna vom Salztalblick SchH1 KKL2

Wilma in a (brief) moment of innocence :)

More photos of Wilma and her littermates growing up.


DOB 04.27.2010
V Boy von Zorra SchH3 KKL1 x Kenna vom Salztalblick SchH1 KKL2

"Boy", named after his father, is a two-year-old-solid black male with excellent drives and temperament. He has been raised in the house, with a family with a small child and is naturally gentle and level-headed around kids. Boy is a high energy dog who would do best in an active home. He loves to run and would make a perfect jogging partner.

Boy has had on and off leash obedience training and is responsive and willing, but needs an owner who is willing to maintain his training. His level of drive and enthusiasm along with his physical size make him a dog that needs a firm, fair hand.

Boy is also naturally protective of his handler, home, property, and vehicle. He has been started in protection work in both civil agitation (hidden sleeve, suit, no equipment) and sport work and he easily transitions between the two without showing stress. He would make an excellent home protection or dual purpose K9. He would also excel in any number of dog sports, including Schutzhund.

VIDEO: O-Boy protection (third session)

VIDEO: O-Boy protection (table session)



[DOB 02.25.2012]
Irmus Galan Nalag SchH3 (2012 USA WUSV Team Member) x Kenna vom Salztalblick SchH1 KKL2

Tascha is a bright, outgoing and driven female puppy with super potential for dogsport. She has excellent food drive and has been started in basic obedience (luring for heeling, sit, down, front, finish). She barks and bites already and loves to interact and play with the helper. Kenna tends to produce a dog that learns quickly and is fun and easy to train. This is an extremely nice puppy for someone interested in a female with excellent genetics and temperament to train and incorporate into their breeding program. Close-up lines to Tyson Schiffslache, Task vh Milinda, Kimbo Karthago, Nick Heiligenbosch, Crok Erlenbusch.

Pedigree: Tascha vom Geistwasser

VIDEO: Tascha, puppy protection



Sturgis is a 2.5yr old intact male Rottweiler that is basically green in the work. He has super drives and intensity for the ball and shows natural full, hard gripping behavior in the handful of protection sessions he's had.

Sturgis is super stable and sound from the temperamen,t but he will go civil and can be agitated without equipment. He would be an excellent prospect for any protection sport or as a home companion/protection dog. He's been raised in the house, around children, and is extremely well socialized. He knows the car (in or out of crate), kennel, crate but is normally loose in the house.

Video below, more photos are available upon request.


Raven vom Geistwasser

[DOB 12.27.10]

Raven is a very curious & outgoing young female puppy who shows excellent drives and solid temperament. This girl would make an excellent prospect for SchH, SAR, Obedience, Agility, Flyball or just about any breed-appropriate dogsport. Raven is a solid black female with a dark eye and intense expression.

RAVEN: obedience at 4.5 months

Ramona vom Geistwasser
[DOB 12.27.10]

Ramona is a sweet, driven female puppy who would make an excellent competition obedience or tracking dog (this girls's got food drive!) and should excel at SAR, Agility, Flyball or just about any breed-appropriate dogsport.

"Mona" would also do well as an active family companion; she is very affectionate and would do extremely well in a home with children.

MONA: obedience at 4.5 months

SG Arrek vom Wolfsheim SchH3 KKL1 x Kenna vom Salztalblick SchH1 KKL2
[DOB 12.27.10]

Ricci is a strong, stocky little girl with a head like a male. She has excellent drives for SchH, SAR, Obedience, Agility, Flyball or just about any breed-appropriate dogsport. Ricci will be an impressive female as an adult and has excellent bloodlines on top and bottom

Ricci has found a wonderful working home!

SG Arrek vom Wolfsheim SchH3 KKL1 x G Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1 DOB 9-19-2008

Kimbo is a young male with extreme drives for all three phases of the work. This young dog shows incredible foodand hunt drives, super concentration and obedience pump and is more promising in the protection work than any puppy we've seen in a very long time. Combine that with correct working structure, incredible speed andathleticism, strong physical substance and beautiful pigment and you can see why we're so excited about this boy. Kimbo has a strong pedigree with close-up lines to Justin Pendel Bach, Neck Maineiche, Pike vd Schafbachmuhle and Wotan Barenfang.


SchH1 Obedience
(2011 North Central Regional Championships)
SchH1 Protection
(2011 North Central Regional Championships)
SchH2 Obedience
(Indian Creek Schutzhund Club)


Cai is a 16-month-old young male who would be ideal for a novice handler interested in pursuing club-level Schutzhund, competitive obedience or other dog sports and would also make an excellent active companion. Cai is extremely sound from the temperament, very open and social and still very much a fun, active puppy in his head.

Cai has been started in all three phases for SchH, and shows good drives and stability of character. He's been well-socialized, travels well and knows the crate and kennel. He is AKC registered and has hip/elbows prelims, which look very good. Cai is very reasonably priced to the right home.



(SG Hutch vom Waldwinkel SchH3 IPO3 FH KKL1 x SG Irmhild von der Staatsmacht SchH3 KKL2)
DOB 08-05-09

Nira is a six-month-old long stock coat female pup with gorgeous red sable coloring. She is available as an active family companion, SAR prospect or competitive agility/obedience/flyball prospect. Nova has been raised in the house, knows the crate and outside kennel and has been well-socialized with people of all ages, other dogs and a variety of situations and surfaces. She is a bubbly, outgoing girl with super temperament and very nice attention to her handler. She’s been imprinted with food and the clicker for obedience, loves to play and interact, and has excellent food drive. Nova is an active, driven pup but has a nice “off switch” and is more than happy to settle down and hang out with her favorite toy. Nova is AKC-registered and up-to-date on all of her vaccinations.

Congratulations to Amanda H. and Kelly G. of Athens, GA!

(SG Arrek vom Wolfhseim SchH3 KKL1 x Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1)
DOB 04-17-09

Manny is a gorgeous solid black male puppy with drive and personality to spare. The "M" litter is a repeat of our "K" litter, from which we held back Manny's brother Kimbo (see under "Males"). We also own Manny's full sister Mia, who we're planning to incorporate into our program once she's titled and breed surveyed. We repeated this breeding because of the depth of quality of the first litter, and we are equally, if not more impressed with Manny and his siblings.

Manny is the definition of drive and prey drive are through the roof and he already shows strong character and hardness for such a young puppy. He is vocal and determined and is extremely fast to strike and bite, showing good strong fight and desire to possess. He is unflappable from the temperament, surface sure and confident in every situation.

Manny has beautiful bone and substance and will be an impressive male when matured. Unlike many solid black dogs, he has an impressive and strong headpiece, wide muzzle and a naturally dark eye. Manny is suitable for top sport or dual purpose K9 and is available to a handler with the ambition to achieve excellence.

Congratulations to Jim and Barbara C. of IL, we couldn't ask for a better home for Manny (now "Rex")

ISO VOM GEISTWASSER (OFA hips prelim GOOD, elbows normal)

Available now, a super 14mo old SG rated male sable. Absolutely medium in size, with nice bone and excellent pigment. USA/AKC registered, teeth certified and hips/elbows prelimmed through OFA good/normal (certificate avail) Heartworm blood test neg and started. Very healthy and in excellent condition.

This young male is available as an excellent prospect for Detection (K9), SAR, competitive obedience, agilty or as an active home companion/protection. This young dog has been raised in the house, is 100% house trained and crate trained, travels very well and is social, very sound and outgoing from the temperament. No issues with loud noises or gunfire. This male shows natural protective instincts in the house and property. Very alert to his surroundings, barks and alerts on command as well as on his own. Settles well in the house but is NO couch potato and always willing to work. Good with other dogs, not cats. Excellent prey, ball and food drive but if given the choice will choose his ball over food.

He has extensive obedience training (sit, platz, recall, finish, beautiful focus heeling on leash and off, and long down) and is quick and responsive to commands. He is a driven but compliant dog with a natural desire to work. Hunt drive is excellent, and will search for his toy until he finds it. He is extremely agile and has been exposed to many different surfaces and extremely well socialized and exposed to a variety of environments, all of which he handles with confidence and self-assurance.

LUNA VOM GEISTWASSER (pictured w/dad)
(V Boy von Zorra SchH3 KKL1 x SG Irmhild von der Staatsmacht SchH3 KKL2)
DOB 02-20-09

Luna (pictured at left with Dad) is a driven, spunky little girl with exceptionally solid temperament and a bubbly, outgoing personality. Luna is a gorgeous puppy with a dark eye, beautiful dark pigment and strong bone and substance. She has excellent ball/toy drive, loves to chase, bark and bite, and has very strong food drive and an air of confidence rare in such a young pup...all of which make her a wonderful candidate for training in a multitude of dog sports as well as an active companion/home protection dog. Luna has been started in house/crate training; knows the house, kennel and car; and is imprinted for obedience with the clicker. Luna has close-up lines to Hutch vom Dunklen Zwinger, Yoschy Dollenwiese, Justin Pendel Bach, Natz Heiligenbösch.

Pedigree: Luna vom Geistwasser

(Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 (LGA) KKL1 lbz. x Fenga vom Weinland Baden SchH1 KKL2 lbz.)
DOB 08-09-07

Hutch is a promising young son of Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1 lbz. and Fenga vom Weinland Baden SchH1 KKL2 lbz. Hutch is an active and outgoing young male with excellent drives and character and beautiful substance and pigment. Already a serious young dog, Hutch shows powerful, aggressive barking and fast striking in the protection work. Tracking is intense and concentrated, and Hutch demonstrates a natural deep nose and very strong hunt drive. With excellent ball and food drives and natural focus and biddability, Hutch is a quick study and a dream to train. Hutch's impressive pedigree brings close-up lines to Asko von der Lutter, Olex de Valsory, Nick Heiligenbösch, Aly Vordersteinwald, Mutz vom Kosakenwald, and Marc vom Herkulesblick.

SG Olex de Valsory SchH3 (BSP) IPO3 KKL1 x SG Chili vom Weinland Baden SchH3 KKL2
DOB 04-12-02

Fenga is a beautiful dark sable bitch who brings power and speed to everything she does. Sound on any surface and in every situation, this is a female with impeccable temperament and extreme drives. Fenga brings powerful barking and striking to the protection work and has intense food and ball drive.

Fenga's sire Olex de Valsory is a 4x BSP competitor, placing 13th in Baunatal in 2005. Olex produces an active, strong and extremely driven dog for high sport, and Fenga is very much this type. Olex's sire Nick Heiligenbösch is already making his mark on the modern German Shepherd Dog. Fenga is equally well-bred from the motherlines—her mother Chili was an LGA competitor and her littermate Clint was shown at the BSP. Their sire, Mutz vom Kosakenwald is a 4x BSP competitor himself. Fenga's HD-ZW is 79 (4Q-2008). Always pronounced in protection.

Pedigree: Fenga vom Weinland Baden


Four-stall WT Thermo dual-axle dog trailer available in the Chicago, IL, area. Dual axle trailers offer better suspension for long distance and frequent travel, more resistance to side winds, straight running and precise reversing and parking. Each of the four individual stalls features lockable inside doors as well as an outer door. Liftup roof with top storage compartment can accommodate most of your training equipment and locks to protect valuables. An additional lockable storage box on the front of the trailer can handle bulkier items like sleeves. Roof railings and rack for additional tie-down storage. Air vents in each compartment and roof vent for ventilation. Trailer needs some cosmetic repairs but is road ready and has plenty of use in it. Weight is 300kg. Located one hour NW of Chicago, IL.

DOB 03.17.08

Sire: Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 (LGA) KKL1 lbz. a-normal DNA
Dam: Fenga vom Weinland Baden SchH1 KKL2 lbz. a-normal

"Ink" is a beautiful solid black female puppy out of Asko von der Lutter son Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1 and Olex de Valsory daughter Fenga vom Weinland Baden SchH1 KKL2. Her pedigree combines some of the strongest, most proven West German working bloodlines available today.

Ink is a fast and intensely driven puppy with a confident, affectionate and outgoing nature. At just nine weeks of age, Ink shows very strong prey, ball and food drives and has an edge of aggression that's typical of her blood. Characteristic of the type her father produces, Ink shows natural focus and desire to interact with her handler. She has been started in all three phases; she's been imprinted to the clicker and has learned sitz, platz and basic position in just a few short sessions. Ink does nothing slow, and is an eager and enthusiastic puppy.This female pup is an excellent prospect for Schutzhund or a variety of dog sports or other working endeavors.

Pedigree: Ink vom Geistwasser

VIDEO: Ink vom Geistwasser (taken 5.20)


(SG Hasko vom Fern-Tal SchH3 IPO3 (BSP, WUSV) KKL2 x
G Veleno VPG3 IPO2)

Bred by famous Vikar kennel in the Czech Republic, Yugo is a promising young two-year-old male from a litter whose quality is truly representative of its world class pedigree. Yugo's father, Hasko vom Fern-Tal, was shown by renowned German trainer Frans Gugnon at the 2002 BSP and the 2003 WUSV. Hasko is known for his exceptional tracking ability and has five 100-point, three 99-point and three 98-point SchH3 tracks in his scorebook.

Yugo's motherlines are equally impressive. His dam, Veleno, is a VPG3 daughter of Dingo vom Conneforde SchH3 IPO3 who was seventh place at the 2002 WUSV and second place at the National Championships in Italy the same year. Veleno's mother is Warra Gymor SchH3 IPO3, who placed tenth at the WUSV World Championships in 1999 with a 289V score and was also shown at the 2000 FCI World Championships, earning 281 points.

Yugo himself is an extremely driven dog that shows unlimited potential in all three phases for the highest level of sport. This is a handler hard, physically strong and very driven dog that requires an experienced handler.

Video: Protection, April 2008

Video: Yugo obedience, March 2008
Video: Yugo protection, March 2008

PEDIGREE: Yucco Vikar

(pictured at almost 17 months old)

(Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1 x Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1 lbz.)
DOB 08-02-06

Falko is young, extremely promising son of Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 and Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3. Falko shows the same enthusiasm and athleticism in the work as his father and is a driven and confident young dog. He has excellent food drive and shows intensity and concentration in his tracking.

Falko exhibits his father's enviable gripping behavior—he bites full, calm and hard and is naturally possessive over the arm. For such a young dog, Falko already shows natural instincts and is alert and protective of his handler and home. Falko's impressive pedigree includes closeup lines to Asko von der Lutter, Aly Vordersteinwald, Pike Schafbachmühle, and Neck Maineiche. He is linebred 5-4 on Arek Stoffeblick SchH3 (V-BSP) IPO3 FH. ZW=75

Pedigree: Falko vom Geistwasser

VIDEO: Protection work @ eight months old

VIDEO: Protection work @ eight months old

VIDEO: Protection work @ 10 months old

VIDEO: Obedience @ 14 months old

Protection work @ 15 months old

Excalibur Bohemia Temperament (SOLD)
V1 Master de Alphaville Bohemia IPO3, V1, HD-A x V1 Woppy v.d. Simmeringer Haide IPO1 VTP HD-A
DOB 09.28.2006

"Ex" is a young Malinois out of proven working bloodlines and with super potential for high level competition. He is a cocky and athletic young male, confident in all situations and on all surfaces with excellent character and extreme drives. Ex demonstrates full, hard gripping behavior and is extremely fast to the arm. Neutral to friendly strangers, this is a handler-hard dog with natural aggression. Ex's father Master de Alphaville Bohemia is an up and coming young son of 2X FCI World Champion Yagus Duvetorre; Master's long bite is something to behold (don't blink...) and he puts extreme fight into the protection work. From the mother lines, Ex is equally well-bred, bringing close-up lines to Apoll Wolfsrudel and 2X FCI World Champion Klemm vom Roten Falken.

Congratulations to Phil B. for his purchase of Ex!

SG Gass Moravia Artex SchH2 OFA EXCELLENT, Elbows normal (SOLD)
Hasko vom Fern-Tal SchH3 IPO3 (BSP, WUSV) KKL2 x Cinda Moravia Artex ScHH1 IPO1 ZVV1 5CKX1/P
DOB 04.10.06

"Chico" is an impressive black and mahogany red young male out of WUSV and BSP competitor Hasko vom Fern-Tal and Cinda Moravia Artex. This 13-month old dog shows extreme food drive, tons of obedience pump and powerful barking and full, hard gripping in the protection. Closeup lines to Falko vom haus Sindern, Marc vom Herkulesblick, Task vh Milinda, and Xero and Grim Pohranicni Straze. This young male has all of the ingredients for the highest level of competition. Keep an eye out for him the near future!

Chico is owned, trained and handled by Christine Hruby of IL

Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1 x Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1 lbz.
DOB 08-02-06

Fara is a young female out of our breeding. She is a bubbly, outgoing and joyful girl, very typical of what Kway is producing from the temperament and type. Fara is extreme in her drives and has been intense, fast and athletic for all of her young life. Fara's impressive pedigree includes closeup lines to Asko von der Lutter, Aly Vordersteinwald, Pike Schafbachmühle, and Neck Maineiche. She is linebred 5-4 on Arek Stoffeblick SchH3 (V-BSP) IPO3 FH. Fara is currently in training for her titles with Vicki L. in California …please stay tuned for updates on this promising female.

Pedigree: Fara vom Geistwasser

VIDEO: Protection work @ eight months old

V: Falk von den Wolfen SchH3 KKL1 (3x BSP)
M: Luna Westfalensproß SchH3 FH2 (SG-LGA)


Tobi von den Wölfen SchH3 a-normal ED-normal

DOB 02.18.04

This Falk von den Wölfen son is everything you could ask for in a young dog for the highest level of sport—flawless temperament, extreme drives, fast to the arm and genetic full, hard gripping behavior. All of that in a substantial, stallion-type rich red sable male.

Tobi is well-started in all three phases and has had excellent foundation training.

Tobi is owned, trained and handled
by Roni Hoff.

Fonzo vom haus Beal SchH2 OFA Excellent
V Bastin vom Kokeltal SchH3 (V1-BSP) FH KKL1 x
V Tweeny vom Bodelschwinger Schloss SchH3 KKL1
DOB 07-09-03

Fonzo is a three-year-old male out of Bundessieger and USA National and North American Champion Bastin Kokeltal and a V-rated SchH3 Iriac Ruhbachtal daughter. He won the 2006 WDA SchH2 Regional Championships.

Fonzo is a calm, methodical tracking dog in a variety of cover (dirt, alfalfa, pasture grass, short grass) with good obedience to the track. In the obedience, he is a driven dog that enjoys working with his handler for a correct, up picture. In the protection, Fonzo bites full and calm, comes high to the arm and can be balanced easily for strong primary and correct secondary work.

Fonzo runs six blinds, has a super retrieve and is ready for SchH3. This is a dog that can be shown at a regional/national level with continued good training and handling. Available only due to owner's pending relocation.

Afra vom Geistwasser (SOLD)
Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 (LGA) KKL1 x
Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1
DOB 08-30-04

Pedigree: Afra vom Geistwasser

"Kachina" is a two-year-old long stock coat with super drives and a bubbly, outgoing temperament. She has had some foundation obedience and protection work and would make a wonderful prospect for Schutzhund or just about any type of dog sport you could think of. She has excellent ball/food drives and strikes hard and bites full on a trial arm. Kachina makes the most of life and her sunny disposition makes her a joy to be around. She's the type of dog that tackles every activity with enthusiasm, yet can come in the house and hang out with the family.

Kachina has excellent nerves and is stable in any and all situations. Naturally protective of her home and environment, Kachina knows the house, crate, kennel and travels well. As a long coat, she is available on limited registration on a spay agreement.


Iko vom Ausland SchH3
V Bastin vom Kokeltal SchH3 (V1-BSP) FH KKL1 x Yudi vom Delphi Haus IPO1
DOB 08-10-03

"Ike" is a three-year-old SchH1 dog available for sport, dual-purpose police work or home protection. Ike's father Bastin was the 2001 Bundesseiger and won the 2002 USA SchH3 National Championships, the 2003 German Shepherd Dog Championships, and the 2004 North American SchH3 Championships. Bastin was also a USA world team member in 2003 and 2004. From the mother lines, Ike is equally well bred. His mother Yudi is a daughter of 1998 World Champion Tom van't Leefdalhof, a proven producer of world class dogs himself.

Pedigree: Iko vom Ausland

Video: Retrieve over the jump (504K)

Video: Heeling (1MB)


Baby Dino, pictured at six weeks old

Fall 06: Dino and Ray becoming a team

Dino vom Geistwasser DOB 01.16.06 (SOLD)
Wolfhaus Atlas SchH3 OFA Excellent x Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1 a-normal

Dino is a dark black and tan male out of our Ayla vom haus Lohre and Ugo Burenswald son Wolfhaus Atlas. Dino is already a serious and driven young male, with powerful barking in the protection work and natural calm, full gripping behavior. From the temperament, this young male shows confidence and sureness beyond his tender age.

Pedigree: Dino vom Geistwasser

Congratulations to Ray on his acquisition of Dino–look for these two in the future!

Benno vom Cap Arkona SchH1 DOB 12-04-01 (SOLD)
(SG Iwo von der Heidestraße SchH3 (BSP) x Quina vom Cap Arkona SchH1)

Pedigree: Benno vom Cap Arkona


Dag vom Osterburg Quell SchH3
a-normal ED-normal

DOB 02.04.03

Dag is a three-year-old SchH3 gray sable dog out of strong West German working bloodlines. His father V Hank vom Sunnenbrink SchH3 KKL1 was shown twice at the FCI World Championships.

Dag is a social, outgoing dog from the temperament and is driven, yet compliant and easy to handle in the work. Dag's pedigree is filled with proven performers and producers such as Half Ruhbachtal, Chicco Fasanerie, Lord Gleisdreieck, and Falko von Haus Sindern.

Pedigree: Dag vom Osterburg Quell

Dax vom Geistwasser BH DOB 1.16.2006
(Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1 a-normal x
Wolfhaus Atlas SchH3 OFA Excellent ED normal)

Dax is an outgoing, confident and driven solid black male puppy out of our D-Litter. At eight weeks of age Dax is showing very strong prey drive and loves to chase and bite everything in sight.

Dax is extremely stable and sound from the temperament and shows no environmental or surface sensitivity. He is a substantial pup with a masculine head and dark eye. Dax would make a super prospect for Schutzhund, police work, SAR, competitive obedience or any other type of work.

Pedigree: Dax vom Geistwasser

Cliff von der Baumreihe BH a-normal elbows normal (SOLD)
DOB 01-31-03

Cliff is a grandson of Manto Kahlenbach, who was second place at the WUSV World Championships in 1996. This promising young dog came to us completely raw, and with the potential for top sport. He has extreme prey drive, natural aggression, and grips full and hard. He is also an extremely appealing dark sable dog with correct structure.

Video of Cliff's first long bite

Video Cliff's obedience

Sadly, we lost Cliff too young. Cliff was owned, trained and handled by Margaret Bradley. Gone, but not forgotten.

Uso von der Saltzal-Höhe
a-normal hips, ED normal

DOB 09.09.03

This young male shows extreme drives for high level competition. Super barking and biting in the protection work, excellent focus and beautiful heeling in the obedience. He is very sound and stable from the temperament. Large, substantial solid black dog with very correct structure. Lines to Arek Stoffeblick, Marc Hekulesblick, Cliff von der Möhnquelle.

V: V Paska vom Salztalblick SchH3 FH1 KKL1
M: Corina vom Schloß Wolfsbrunn SchH3 (SG-LGA)

Bonni vom weissen Gaul SchH1 KKL1

DOB 07.06.01

This three year old SchH1 female has outstanding temperament and drives combined with correct structure and rich pigment. This is an alert and intense young female. Bonni's mother lines go to Aly Vordersteinwald, who is known both for his production of BSP participants as well as his excellent hip production. Bonni's ZW is 72.

V: Kanto Essenbach (Macho Kosakenwald son)
M: Roxy von Karthago (Aly Vordersteinwald daughter)

Nira vom Pendel Bach SchH1 a-normal

DOB 11.18.01

Nira is a dark sable, three-year-old SchH1 female that would make an excellent prospect for schutzhund or a valuable addition to any working breeding program. Nira has exceptional temperament and super drives for all three phases of the sport.

V: Ferro vom Fegelhof
M: Elly vom Pendel Bach (Crok Erlenbusch daughter)

Alice vom Geistwasser

DOB 8.30.04

Alice is an extremely alert, confident and intense puppy with excellent prey and food drives. We've taken to calling her "Old Faithful" because if there is a toy, stick, or food around, it's guaranteed to end up in Alice's mouth. Alice is a compact and athletic female with a nice, dark eye. She is extremely surface-sure and loves to climb and explore her environment.

Alice would make a super prospect for any type of working home (Schutzhund, SAR, police) or would make an excellent active companion or protection dog.

Pedigree: Alice vom Geistwasser

Lexa—airborne—at two years old.

Lexa at 12 months old.

Lexa von der Grube Waldecke a-normal (SOLD)
(Falk von den Wölfen SchH3 x Jule von der Grube Waldecke SchH2)
DOB 10.07.03

Lexa (aka Pony) is a daughter of Falk von den Wölfen (9th place at 2003 BSP) and granddaughter of Asko von der Lutter, who was first place at the 1998 BSP and won the WUSV World Championships in 2000. Lexa is one of the first Falk daughters to be imported into this country. She is an intense and driven bitch that shows promise beyond her young age.

Chicco vom Baumgarten
a-normal ED normal
DOB 07-20-02

This promising young dog is the son of Eros von der Mohnwiese, 2x winner of the WUSV Championships. Chicco is a strong and athletic dog that brings excellent barking and biting to the protection work and extreme prey drive for driven and powerful obedience. He is a large and impressive dark sable with deep red pigment.

Pedigree: Chicco vom Baumgarten

Naddel vom Schloß Zweibrüggen BH
a-normal ED normal
DOB 09-28-02

This 21-month-old daughter of V Rocky von den Zingelgärten SchH3 IPO3 FH (V-BSP) is for top sport. Her father Rocky was 3rd place at the 2001 BSP and 10th at the 2000 BSP. Naddel's grandfather on her mother's side is V Ahron von Granit Rose SchH3, who was 6th place at the 2001 BSP and father of Falk von den Wölfen that placed ninth in last year's BSP. Her wonderful temperament makes her suitable for either an experienced or novice handler.

Pedigree: Naddel vom Schloß Zweibrüggen

V Katina vom Bad Wäldle SchH3 IPO3 FH KKL1 a-normal (SOLD)
DOB 08-11-01

This young VA Neptun vom Bad-Boll daughter offers the best of both worlds–beautiful correct structure and the drives, working ability, and scores to back it up. This super young bitch has strong play drives for animated obedience and excellent barking and biting in the protection work. Add working ability to your breeding program while maintaining structure. Lines to Jeck Noricum, Lasso Neuen Berg, and Natz Steigerhof. Linebred 5, 5-5 on Uran Wildsteigerland and 5-4 on Mark Haus Beck.

Scores: SchH1 98-88-96 SchH2 100-92-96 SchH3 99-95-99 IPO3 99-84-98 FH 96

Congratulations to Katina for her V3 placing at the 2004 USA Sieger Show!
Katina received a standing ovation for her bitework at the USA and WDA Sieger shows.

Congratulations to Katina for her V4 placing at the 2006 Canadian Sieger Show!
Also congrats to Kat's puppies:
Camma (VP1, 6-9 month female pups), Callisto (VP2, 6-9 month bitch pups) and Camulus (VP2, 6-9 month male pups)

Quero vom haus Burmeister BH AD a-normal (SOLD)

Quero is a three-year-old male dog with extreme drives for the sport or for police work as a dual purpose dog. He has rock solid nerves and is sure and confident in any situation. Quero is naturally protective of his owner's home and in his vehicle yet is social and good in the house or kennel. He is a handler hard dog without being handler aggressive. This promising young dog is a grandson of Berry Neuen Lande and has lines to Gildo Korbelbach (V-BSP) and Fax vom Haus Bernhart-Mader (BSP).

Pedigree: Quero vom haus Burmeister

Orkan vom Hainpark BH a-normal
DOB 07-05-02
Orkan is a Manto Kahlenbach and Crok Erlenbusch grandson. He is an impressive and intense young dog with that we are very excited to have imported.

Update: Congratulations to Orkan and Butch on their BH...good work by a great team!

Troll vom haus Milinda son
DOB 05-12-03

This 10-month old dog is the son of 4x WUSV competitor Troll vom haus Milinda and a SchH3 FH Yoschy von der Döllenwiese daughter. He is a medium-sized dark sable dog with a genetic full, hard, calm grip. He comes like a raped ape on the long bite and shows great potential for top sport.

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