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Sire: V Tschako vom Wällerhorst IPO3 “a” normal hips and elbows (2015 USCA National Championships competitor)
Dam: SG Mia vom Geistwasser IPO1 AD OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal

(Accepting reservations for this litter due mid-June)

Please contact us at or 815.355.4749 for more info.

TSCHAKO in owner/trainer/handler Mike Williams' own words: "Tschako is by far the best male we’ve ever owned. He owns us. All you have to do is be around him at home or on the trial field and you will soon see why–impeccable character that is immediately obvious when you meet [him]."

Tschako is a powerful, driven son of V Drago von Patriot and SG Mandy von der Wallerhörst Schh3 KKL1, littermate sister to Thomas Lapp's Mika. Mandy is linebred on V Harro aus der Lechreinstadt SchH3 (V-BSP) IPO3 FH and V Urs aus der Hopfenstrasse SchH3 (BSP) IPO3 FH, two excellent males we love to see in a pedigree. His father, Drago, has been an excellent producer of working dogs in his own right.

If you have the opportunity to see Tschako in the work, this is a dog you won't soon forget. Whatever the phase, he brings drive, spirit and an enviable work ethic, along with true joy in the work. In bitework, Tschako is fast and direct to the arm and truly tries to physically own the helper. This is that special dog that actually stops helpers on escapes and drives through his extreme fight drive in the protection work.

Tschako vom Wallerhorst pedigree, photos and video

Tschako with Vit Glsnik

Mia is an energetic and enthusiastic female out of our own Arrek vom Wolfsheim SchH3 KKL1 and Ayla vom haus Lohre SchH3 KKL1. She has an abudance of drives for all three phases and is an intense, confident girl on and off the field. Mia shows the natural tracking style of her father; she is deep-nosed and extremely committed to the work. In obedience, Mia is a joy to train. She never tires of working with her handler and her animation and athleticism are testament to her drives and biddablity. In protection, Mia shows intense, rapid-fire barking at the man, natural full grips and is extremely fast to the arm.

Mia carries on her mother'sexcellent bloodlines and superb character. Mia is linebred 4-4 on V Neck von der Maineiche and 5-5 on V Xento von der Maineiche.

Mia vom Geistwasser: pedigree, photos, video

Mia: Smugmug photo gallery

We are expecting dark sable, blanket black & tan, and possibly solid black puppies.

Please contact us at or 815.355.4749 for more info.

V (USCA Sieger Show) Boy von Zorra SchH3 KKL1 lbz. a-normal hips and elbows SG Prada von den Wannaer Höhen IPO3 KKL1 (mother to our Athos)

I-litter vom Geistwasser
Sire: V Boy von Zorra SchH3 KKL1 lbz. a-normal hips and elbows
Dam: SG Prada von den Wannaer Höhen IPO3 KKL1

Boy is a gorgeous dark sable son of Hutch vom Dunklen Zwinger SchH3 (LGA) that shows as much promise in the work as any young dog we've seen. Boy has unlimited potential for all three phases of the work at the highest levels of the sport, and is exceptionally talented in the protection work with flawless gripping, super barking and powerful striking. Boy is a masculine, stallion-type male with a huge head and massive bone.

But this is no show dog in working clothes; Boy is strong, fast and athletic and brings power, intensity and drive to everything he does. This young dog has impeccable character, has high pack drive and is naturally protective of his handler and home. Boy's impressive pedigree brings close-up lines to Yoschy, Natz Heiligenbösch, Half Ruhbachtal, and Lord vom Gleisdreieck. Boy carries the black recessive. HD-ZW=75 (3Q, 2015).

Pedigree, photos, video: Boy von Zorra

Prada is the mother of our own V Athos von den Wannaer Höhen IPO2 KKL. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to acquire her from her owner and breeder, Horst-Dieter Träger, who used her extensively in his breeding program. Prada brings many of the qualities that we love in Athos: hardness, power, bombproof temperament and super drives for all three phases.

Prada herself made her first SchH3 with a 286V (96-91-99) score, which qualified her for her LGA in 2011. In Koer, Prada is specially recommended for improving strength of temperament. Prada is the mother of our F litter, from which we've kept back a male (Felon) and a female (Fly) to grow out. We couldn't be more pleased with their progress at this point. (HD-ZW=75 (3Q, 2015).

Pedigree, scorebook, photos, video: Prada von den Wannaer Höhen

Please contact us at or 815.355.4749 if you have an interest in this litter. Early reservations are recommended!


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